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4 Litre Water Bottle

Daigneau offers its spring and distilled water in a 4 litre water bottle.


Spring water, this is the perfect size for:

  • Limited space residences


Distilled water, this is the perfect size for:

  • Healthcare professionals, such as dentists
  • Tattoo studios
  • Sterilization
  • Sleep apnea equipment
  • Kettles, coffee machines, etc.



  • Light size easy to manipulate
  • Can be cooled in the refrigerator
  • High quality natural spring water or distilled water
  • Delivery to your door by a Quebec company



  • 4 bottles per case
  • Minimum of 2 cases per delivery, or less if paired with other items


Other information:

  • All of our products are available for residential, commercial and office delivery.
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