Our Services

At Daigneau, we’re dedicated to supplying you with high-quality spring water, but we also offer a range of services to meet your needs—at the office, at home or at your leisure.

Emergency service

Pressing need to quench your thirst? Whether it’s a shortage, a boil water notice, a natural disaster or simply an oversight, Daigneau offers you emergency service so you can hydrate quickly with high-quality spring water.

Purchase and cleaning of water coolers

With Daigneau, you can also take advantage of our water cooler purchase and rental service (commercial sector). Daigneau also offers cooler maintenance with our specialized cleaning service so you can hydrate with the best quality water available.

See available water coolers

Ceramic pot

Conventional water jugs don’t do it for you? Daigneau offers a stylish range of hand-made ceramic pots. You can choose any one of a range of motifs to brighten your décor.

Personalized bottles

Personalized to your taste! For your big event, whether it’s a golf tournament, trade show, fundraiser or sporting event, or simply as gifts for your business clients, Daigneau gives you the chance to promote your image on our 500 ml bottles—an automatic reputation and credibility booster.

High-quality water


Offered in everything from 500-ml bottles to 18-litre jugs, Daigneau’s spring water comes in a range of formats so you can enjoy it wherever and whenever you want.


Make it sparkling! Rediscover water with bubbles. Sparkling water is a much healthier option than sugary soft drinks, and the perfect solution for those dissatisfied with flat water!


For high quality standards. Distilled water is water without the mineral salts, so you enjoy the purest water available! Perfect for professionals who need superior-quality water or simply anyone—coffee-lovers come to mind—looking to prevent calcium deposits in their appliances.